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The Process

stories shared ~ hearts touched ~ lives connected

My intention is to create and officiate a meaningful ceremony. It’s important that I feel a connection with whomever I am working, and they with me.  Whatever ceremony I compose must authentically reflect the couple or person being honored. Phone conversations, emails, Skype calls––and when possible face-to-face meetings––allow ample opportunities for my clients and I to learn about each other. I ask that couples complete a thorough questionnaire for weddings. For funerals or memorials, I request to interview different family members and friends to gather necessary information.

A Ceremony that Reflects You

I work with a wide range of beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Rituals are thoughtfully created or selected. My clients set the tone: formal or informal, a large gathering or a sacred intimate occasion, serious or lighthearted, religious or non-religious, blending faiths or keeping to one, spiritual or not, imaginatively unique or traditionally familiar.

I spend hours writing and designing a ceremony, sharing multiple drafts with a couple or family until we arrive at what feels just right. I want your ceremony to leave a life-long impression.

On the day of a ceremony, I arrive early and assist those involved with feeling calm and centered, then officiate a customized ceremony with warmth and sincerity.

Weddings & Unions

For weddings, I encourage couples to reflect on their relationship’s journey. How do they want to feel and how do they want their guests to feel during their ceremony? I want to know how I can support them on their wedding day. My wedding process works best for those who believe what they do and say in a ceremony is important and can even influence the tone for the life they will be sharing. Hearts will open wide and promises will root deeply more from a heartfelt and inspiring ceremony than from the cake, the gown, or even the party!

Funerals & Memorials 

With a funeral or memorial, I provide a service that reflects the person being honored with authenticity and sensitivity. I am also a trained Home Funeral Guide, guiding small, intimate funerals in the privacy of one’s home, followed by a public ceremony if desired. In addition, I work with people who wish to pre-plan their own funeral or memorial.

Patricia spent much time questioning and listening to, and getting to know us, our concerns, values, and life story. She lovingly explained her philosophy on marriage and life, so that we all knew and cared for one another. Her life goal, as I came to comprehend, is to understand and appreciate the people she helps and to bring joy into each of life’s transitions.
— San 2014