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My husband and I were married in South Fork, Colorado by Patricia. She was absolutely the best fit for our family. She included our children in this important event of joining families, both symbolically and literally by getting down on one knee and actually looking at our children on their level.

Patricia made time prior to our ceremony to ‘meet’ with us via Skype. We were in our home in Dallas but felt as if she really was getting to know us. She sent us the vows she wrote for our family prior for our review and was very thoughtful in asking us about our relationship and commitment.

I would have to say for everyone in attendance that beautiful afternoon that Patricia led the spirit and the mood of that day. She had a way that settled any nerves and went straight to the heart of who we are as people and what we are becoming as a married couple.

I cannot say enough good about her services or our day — which was carried by her presence.
— Sarah and Scott, June 2014

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My husband, Eric, and I were having a hard time figuring out who to choose in officiating our September wedding. We both do not have any religious ties, but we knew we wanted a deep and meaningful ceremony for our family and close friends to enjoy. After speaking with Patricia via telephone and Skype on the internet (we are located in Denver and Patricia in Alamosa), we were able to convey parts our ideal wedding ceremony to her.

After completing a very detailed and thoughtful questionnaire about ourselves and as a couple, Patricia took the information we provided about ourselves and our relationship and produced a wonderful and meaningful ceremony! She gave us great direction and guidance on the flow of our ceremony. Given our distance and Patricia’s attention to every detail of the ceremony outline, we exchanged several emails over the short few weeks before our wedding. Her communication was clear and open. Once Eric and I approved the ceremony outline, we were confident that Patricia would perform our ceremony in an expert and professional way.

And she did not disappoint! We did not share any part of the ceremony with our family prior to our wedding, we wanted them to be blown away when Patricia performed our ceremony. The ceremony was perfect and played out exactly the way Eric and I hoped it would. Afterwards, every one of our attendants commented on how wonderful and personal the ceremony was. And they were impressed by how warm and professional Patricia was. She seemed like a member of our family by the time she arrived the day of our wedding.

Patricia was amazing at crafting a beautiful and personal ceremony for us that I hope sticks in the minds of our family and friends who where there to experience it for a very long time. Thank you Patricia!
— Rachel and Eric, Oct 2013
Patricia was a great fit for our civil union ceremony. We had been together 22 years and were having only a few family members present, so we were counting on Patricia to make the ceremony special. She was wonderful!

She kept us on track during the preparation with great suggestions and helped us create a very meaningful ritual to include in the ceremony. She also provided vow suggestions that were easy to personalize. When she showed up on the day of the celebration everyone felt her energy and spirit immediately. We had the ceremony on our porch looking toward Pagosa Peak and had done all the preparation ourselves so it was wonderful to have Patricia take over so we could enjoy the magic of the moment!
— Gail & Paula, June 2014
Patricia did an amazing job putting everything together and making our wedding one that will be forever remembered. I am sure it was difficult with me (Groom) working in North Dakota and my fiance’ in Colorado, but with the help of email and phone calls, everything came together perfect. I am an old Veteran and don’t get excited, but I must say I was very pleased and did choke up during my vows, which I tried to speak from the heart. Very hard thing to do without crying. I will only recommend Patricia and will use her again for any ceremony I have in the future. She was wonderful.
— Jessica and Josh, Sept 2012

We enjoyed working with Patricia to create a unique and personal wedding ceremony. Patricia’s enthusiasm and passion for her vocation made our special day a positive and meaningful experience. Our family and friends truly felt the love and joy that we aspired to convey, and we would wholeheartedly recommend Patricia to anyone who is looking to take their ceremony to the next level.
— Russel and Gail, Sept 2012

I contacted Patricia with short notice of my father’s passing about a Celebration of Life ceremony I wanted her to help me create, with the hopes that she could help my family figure out how to officiate this ceremony ourselves. In doing so, she did a few things I would like to mention. First off, in the midst of our grieving the last thing we felt sure enough about doing was facilitating something like this ourselves. She jumped and exceeded in not only writing this out for us so perfectly, but did such a wonderful job fully capturing our father’s life in words even though she never met him. Plus she made us believe that we could do this ourselves and do it well.

My sister and I set it all up and did the memorial just like Patricia instructed, and it went perfectly. Honestly, I don’t know how we would have pulled this off without her. She made it meaningful beyond words, even to the point that she made our father’s death and celebration beautiful during a time when beautiful normally isn’t even thought of.

Please accept these words as a testimonial for the beautiful soul that Patricia is. The magic and heart that she put into this experience far surpassed any other experiences, with death being involved, that I’ve ever known in my 46 years of living. That alone shows me her true value as she walks upon this earth. The value that she possesses, I’m certain, touches many other lives and many other lives to come.
— Christina, Jan 2014
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Planning a remote mountain wedding from several hundred miles away led to many Google searches for vendors...this was how we first encountered Patricia. After our first phone conversation with her, we felt encouraged and excited about planning our ceremony with her. After several exchanges via email and Skype, we were confident, comfortable, and enthused about her as our officiant and looking forward to the ceremony created.

Reflecting back now, there is only one thing we can say–it was perfect. There is not one thing that Sam or I would have changed. Patricia’s delivery of the ceremony was precisely the tone that we were hoping for, and we felt that every piece of the ceremony rang true to our personalities and relationship. Nearly every guest let us know that they found the ceremony to be heartfelt, genuine, and moving, which was wonderful to hear given we felt exactly the same. We are so appreciative of Patricia’s guidance, time, and thoughts in creating such a beautiful ceremony for us.
— Carolynn and Sam, Aug 2014 Featured on Homepage