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Other Significant Transitions

Life is full of changes worth honoring. 

Including but not limited to:

Home Blessings

Rites of Passage/Healings/Cronings


Our lives are full of big changes that are worthy of acknowledgment. When we take the time to acknowledge poignant experiences, something happens within us. It's like finding a new room in our home that we didn't even know was there.

I write and facilitate ceremonies for a variety of significant life transitions. We co-design the ceremony keeping in mind what this time of transition or transformation means for you and possibly for others. Rituals are created to reflect the power of whatever is occurring or for what you wish to occur.

Ultimately a fresh beginning awaits. My goal is to help you honor change and to navigate toward that new place with a deep, steady, calm breath.

Patricia orchestrated and led us through a ceremony at a crucial juncture of our lives, marking our leaving a business of 36 years. She assisted us in seeing and feeling the possibilities of new beginnings in refreshing and empowering ways.