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Funerals & Memorials

A customized ceremony or celebration of life that fits.

Taking time to remember well those we love in fresh, fitting and meaningful ways strengthens families and communities. It also creates a lasting effect.

Death does not have to be an emergency.

After an in depth family interview, I craft a dignified end-of-life tribute to your loved one. You guide the tone of the service: an end-of-life celebration or a more solemn occasion that tenderly honors the deceased. The service may include readings, poetry, blessings, prayer, meditation, art, film, dance, music, rituals, and/or a eulogy that is truly reflective of the life and beliefs of whomever has died, or is dying.

Care is taken to be respectful of the diverse needs of everyone involved. At a challenging time, I work to co-design a ceremony with you and your family where stories are shared, hearts are touched, and lives are connected.

You choose whatever setting best fits the occasion: somewhere quiet and intimate or a place for a larger gathering of family and guests. I will officiate a ceremony at a funeral home, crematorium, chapel, cemetery or memorial location of your choice. You may wish to hike to a special, meaningful place for an outdoor ceremony, whether for a memorial or scattering your loved one's ashes.

Home Funerals

As a trained home funeral guide, I offer education, support and guidance to a family or community wishing to carry out their own after-death care and funeral arrangements in their homes. Click here to learn more about a home funeral guide, natural death care, and green burials.

Pre-planned memorials and funerals

I also work with those who would like to pre-plan a memorial or funeral ceremony––a wonderful way to have a voice in the arrangements for your own service, and help your family during a difficult time know exactly what you wanted. A ceremony is created that guides the person you or your family select to respectfully conduct and officiate in a manner that reflects your beliefs, values and expressed wishes.

It is the greatest relief to me that my mother’s memorial service has been written and planned, in advance of her death. It was especially wonderful that my mother was able to contribute to and help shape her own memorial service. Patricia has written a moving and pertinent service to my mother, in which she tells the story of my mother’s life, and interweaves readings selected by my mother. Patricia also included songs that are perfect for my mother. Using material gathered from an extensive questionnaire as well as in-person interviews, Patricia has crafted a ceremony that beautifully captures my mother’s bright spirit and joy for life. I am at peace, knowing that when the time comes a ceremony that delights my mother is ready. I think this is one of the greatest gifts I can give to my mother, her family, and myself.
— Nancy, 2013

Pet Memorials

When an animal companion dies, we need support and acknowledgement of our grief just like with any death.

Many people expect sorrow over the loss of human death, but trivialize sadness around the death of a beloved pet. For many of us, our pets are part of our family. Sometimes for children, a pet dying may be their first experience with death and loss. This can be an opportunity for a child to learn more about life, death, and grief through a precious memorial service for your family's beloved fur companion.

Tell me your pet's story. I craft a tender ceremony that will touch hearts, connect lives, and help a family with this loss.

When our beloved pet died, Patricia helped my family with a crossing-over ceremony that was loving, comforting, and healing. We were invited to contribute as much or as little as we wished to the occasion. The ceremony helped to bring closure to our loss and turned out to be a memorable event. We are grateful to Patricia for her lovingkindness, her calm assuredness, and her healing nature.
— Trish, 2012